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Mid-Season Recap: 3 down, 3 to go
Saturday, 15 August 2009 00:00

A long race season spanning the globe, back and forth between times zones and continents, and with prolonged time away from the race track between some races - Here's the breakdown of Pete's strategies to be his best in the cockpit all season long.

Fitness - My fitness program is broken up into different components tailored to the year's race calendar: In the early to mid off season, I'm in the gym about 5 days a week focusing on strength training. From February onward, I'm still in the gym about 5 days a week when I'm not flying, but the focus changes to building lean and fast muscles. I'll trim about 6-8kgs of muscle off my frame in these 2 months before the season.

Moving forward, as the preseason flying heats up, I'll spend less time in the gym and more time with simple exercises and in the cockpit letting the G's work on me. During the season keeping a regular fitness routine can be a challenge - busy travel schedules, jet lag, and sub standard hotel 'gyms' don't help - but I make do as best as possible.

Diet - 90% of my days start with a protein shake, banana, and bran flakes. From there, lean proteins and fresh vegetables are standard. I like to cook, so most things I eat are fresh. It's tough to eat really clean on the road as catering or restaurants are par for the course, also the food from different countries is a factor. I don't have a sweet-tooth but I rarely pass-up ice cream!

McLeod Makes Canadian Debut
Sunday, 14 June 2009 00:00

There was little doubt Pete and Team 84 would leave San Diego with the biggest challenge of the 2009 season right around the corner. A race on home soil which was not just any home race! Windsor Ontario would play host to the first ever race in Canada, where the first ever Canadian race pilot would be tackling the course in his rookie season. History has shown home races to not be an advantageous environment for pilots or teams.

The added pressure of fans, sponsors, and the nonstop swarm of media undoubtedly have played a role in pilots failing to perform at home. "There was an amazing amount of extra pressure put on me for the Windsor race" said Pete. "It wasn't just me, but my team was also forced to really turn it up. We had a plan to implement modifications on the race plane before the race, and this meant long hours between San Diego and Windsor. On top of this, I was doing media tours or had a camera on me close of 75% of the time leading up to the race." With only 3 days of testing before arriving on site in Windsor, the team had been running wide open for 3 weeks before even arriving on site.

"I think we are ready for a great race" Pete said upon arriving in Windsor. "I'm thrilled to have the strong support of Caesars Windsor behind me as a major sponsor and we are happy with how the plane has improved". Two more days of testing on site at CYQG were beneficial and the final mods were completed and running well. Practice day on Thursday turned out to be a bust for PMR because after the first 5 planes had their track slots, the weather closed in and the practice day was cancelled.

San Diego Expectations & Project MP-Brapp
Monday, 08 June 2009 00:00

Red Bull Air Race rookie pilot Pete McLeod is among the hottest new additions to the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. As a partner during his rising popularity within the Air Show and Competition world, Scheyden Eyewear is now thrilled to announce their sponsorship support of Pete's Number 84 Red Bull Racing Team and his Edge 540 Race Plane.

Scheyden recognizes that Pete's vibrant lifestyle and exceptional flying skill precisely fit the fashion and function of Scheyden's unique design of superior eyewear. Throughout Pete's long-standing relationship with Scheyden, the California-based company has paid particular attention to Pete's valuable insights regarding innovation and a commitment to product excellence. In fact, plans are in place for Scheyden to proudly produce the Pete McLeod Signature Line of Hybrid "wrap" eyewear, crafted exclusively to uphold Pete's standards of high performance, modern styling, and exceptional quality.

"I'm really excited to have Scheyden join me in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. They share my values of excellence and we are excited about building a winning team for the future." says Pete McLeod.

It's no wonder pilots and aviation professionals are switching to Scheyden as their favourite choice of precision eyewear. By combining unparalleled optical quality with a choice of unique "Flip" or "Hybrid" functionality, Scheyden has attracted a wide spectrum of loyal customers. With styles that are perfect for aviation, driving, boating, and even flyfishing, Scheyden has engineered eyewear that reflects the flair and personality of the individual that wears them.

Pete McLeod Racing touches down in San Diego
Wednesday, 20 May 2009 00:00

Only two short weeks after the season opener in Abu Dhabi, the Pete McLeod Racing team arrived in San Diego, CA, for the second round of the 2009 championship. After a tough opening round and no chance for race plane mods between races, San Diego would prove just as challenging. "We learned a lot in Abu Dhabi and have made some adjustments to maximize development in San Diego. On one side it's frustrating going into the next race knowing the performance limitations of the plane this year, but on the other hand it allows the team and I to refocus goals and not be distracted by poor relative race times" said Pete ahead of San Diego.

Arrival in San Diego brought a much more relaxed attitude to PMR than seen in Abu Dhabi. Setup times for the plane were cut in half and Pete was able to get 3 days of test flights in before hitting the race track. While the plane was running good, the test flights are valuable, mostly for the Pete to get some air time and g-tolerance up before the race, both of which are factors after 2 weeks of no flying. Thursday saw the first training sessions and the introduction to the San Diego race track.

"The track in San Diego is the same as the last two years, so for the vets there are not too many surprises. For me, I still need to find and learn the lines. Track time is precious; it sure was nice to get back into things after Abu Dhabi". Pete's flying on Thursday was clean but showed signs of uncertainty in the lines after the pylon hit on race day in Abu Dhabi.


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